Friday, September 30, 2016

Fall Y'all.

It’s fall y’all. 

There is something about fires in the Fall that make everything seem new again. Whether I’m outside snuggled in flannel and oversized sweats or inside with a good book and a blanket, fires in the fall time are my absolute favorite. Not only do they provide wonderful Instagram shots, (which we all know is the utmost importance), but they also have this uncanny ability to make you forget any and all qualms with the world. For instance, right now I’m currently sitting next to my first indoor fire and my only concern is knowing when I can make the switch from coffee to wine…

Have you noticed how fall looks good on everyone? Christmas season is usually when we outwardly start to count our blessings and cherish the important things in life such as friends and family (and dogs), but if you take the time to notice, really Fall is when people are at their best. It’s a new beginning without the stress of the holidays kicking in yet.

If you’re from the South, Fall also means football. So automatically, the male population is happy and the females can at least pretend to be happy because football also equals good food, and once again, more Instagram opportunities (think cute tailgating pics, crockpot recipes, seasonal alcohol—just scoot a little to the left to catch that pumpkin beer label). For all the unfortunate souls not football-crazed and from the South, you still have the allure of all things nature has to offer in the Fall. Being outside is the best medicine, and I think even the most indoor laying-AC loving-bug spraying-spider screaming boring ol basic you-know-what loves to get their booty outside to enjoy the leaves, the temps and the undeniable inner peace that comes from a walk in the wilderness.  

With fresh pumpkin spice lattes, comes fresh possibilities (or something like that). The leaves fall, and with them you can rid yourself of any bad energy. Breathing in that cool, crisp air and breathing out the stuffiness of summer (or maybe that’s just allergies) is cathartic and relieving. If you’re not taking the time to take a deep breath before stepping into your car in the morning, then shame on you. However, if you park in a garage that is swarming with moths like i do, then just wait and take a deep breath when you get to work and step out of your car. You’ll be breathing in new Fall life, but your co-workers will think you’re just really exasperated and they’ll leave you alone until mid-morning coffee round two. Really it’s a win-win for everyone. But i digress…

If you haven’t found your Fall feng shui yet, never fear. The season is just now at our finger tips, it’ll be within your grasp soon. Take time to soak in all this short season has to offer and extend that wholesome happiness to every person you can. Like we’ve all been warned, Winter is coming so until then may the pies, pumpkins and patagonia vests be ever in your favor.