Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sara's back, back, back. Back again.

     Remember MySpace? Yeah, I've been trying to forget that time period in my adolescence also, but despite all the glitter graphics and top 8 madness, MySpace did have one very redeeming quality: blog writing. I haven't written an online blog since the oh so life-changing shift from MySpace to Facebook and I can honestly say, I've missed it dearly. Not quite sure why it took me so long to get back in the groove of writing, but with a shiny new keyboard at my fingertips, I have no more excuses.
      This blog will basically be a personal journal that I wish to share with the world. You can expect to see bits of food and philosophy, lots of fashion and a little fitness-- all complete with photos galore (selifies included, which I now apologize for in advance). There will be sass and class, puns and prayers... all with the hope that my ramblings will reach someone on some level. 
     If you ever get lost, confused, curious or just plain bored then pop on over, and enjoy a sampling of Sara.