Sunday, August 10, 2014


I’ve always been drawn to this less than philosophical quote: 

"Friendship is so weird, you just pick a human you've met, and you're like, yup I like this one, and you just do stuff with them."

Obviously, it’s more than that, but I’m pretty sure that concept is where every great friendship starts. That’s definitely where my biffle and I started about ten years ago. 

What’s a biffle you ask? Synonyms include: best friend, bestie, BFF, bests for the rests, etc.

I don’t think I realized the true value of a best friend until I moved to Indiana. Once you are in a place where you are without the comfort of your normal surroundings, you ache for the person who will make you feel completely at home. Of course my husband will always be home to me, but my best friend offers comforts that are unlike any other. I’m sure all married women out there would agree when I say that a girl can have two soul mates in life: her husband, and her best friend. 

This past weekend was spent with my other girly half. We indulged in wine, gossip, shopping and of course, Carrie Bradshaw. We stayed up way too late and slept in… and realized how much those two terms have changed since our teenage days. We rehashed the past and planned for our future, basically counting down the years when we can reside in the same city again. And after spending a short 3 days with her, I feel more like myself.

True friendship is a rare thing, especially for someone like me who really just doesn’t like most people in general. I’m lucky to say my best friend has the ability to selflessly share in my joys. She is truly happy for me when the stars line up and life throws me blessings. On the flip side, when I’m hurting, she is hurting. If one of us is going through a rough patch, then we’re both fighting sleepless nights. We are connected, our hearts intertwined.

So after having an amazing weekend, I thought it was time to put my appreciation into a few, simple words, Lord knows we don’t do that enough...

Thank you for being my person. For scratching my back (and head and arms). For telling        me when a bikini is way too small or when it makes my ass look great. For making me laugh. For laughing at me. For treating my dogs as your own (one day we’ll insert kids there). For listening to me bitch about life. For letting me be a bitch in general. For giving me perspective. For giving me hope. For being you. For letting me be me. 

I can’t thank you enough. 

I love you biffle. See ya soon.