Saturday, September 6, 2014

A recommendation and a promise.

I recently read a book where the lead lady had an accident and experienced memory loss. When she came-to she had no recollection of the past ten years. Remodeling her fixer-upper, getting into great shape, the birth of her three children…none of these things rang a bell.

Throughout the book, though, she comes to realize that almost all of her relationships that she truly valued have completely changed. Her once friendly neighbor now snubbed her by their rose bushes. Her best childhood friend was merely an acquaintance—someone she sent a Christmas card to. Her sister was cold and distant and had very little knowledge of her current life happenings. The love of her life, her husband, was separated from her and couldn’t look at her without disgust. She couldn’t figure out how it happened. How all things that were important a decade ago were completely tarnished. Long story short: while being in her 10-year-ago mindset, she is able to set things right (or at least better) with her neighbor, her sister, and even her husband. The book makes you think. 

On one hand, it makes the phrase “forgive and forget” ring very true. You realize that if someone really had the ability to forgive and forget then we would all be much happier with our lives. That little snarky comments and grudges will build up and ruin relationships if you let them. We get so caught up in day to day drama that we let it rule our minds and sometimes our hearts. I am very guilty of this. I can let one little comment or look or dig completely ruin my mood. I can let a moody, miserable patient totally change my day. I hate it. People should not be able to have that much effect on each other, but they do. Why? Because at the end of the day, we all just want to be liked. 

But i digress, after reading this book you make one of those promises to yourself. Those promises you make after you watch a good movie or hear a song that makes you cry. Where you promise you’ll put effort into your relationships so they don’t fall apart, and you won’t sweat the small stuff. Ya know, you’ll really live life to the fullest, whatever the hell that means. So here’s to one of those promises, I hope it’s not an empty one. I would hate to have to lose my memory to remember how good I have it. 

Read the book, it's a keeper.